At What Age Are You Most Beautiful?

We asked 16,000 people over the age of 35 across 8 different countries to tell us at what age do they believe men and women are the most beautiful. Here is what they told us: 

Results Overall

United Kingdom

Out of the eight countries surveyed, the UK rates men slightly above average as most beautiful at the age of 33.4. While the ratings for women were significantly lower than average, with a most beautiful age rating of 23.1 years of age.

United States

The United States scored men well above average with a most beautiful age rating of 34.2 years of age. Women also scored above average with a most beautiful age rating of 30.6 years of age.


Canada, the land of breathtaking scenery and ice hockey, was one of our oldest raters, with men scoring an average of 34.5 and women scoring an average of 31.7.


Italy, on the other hand, was one of the younger raters, saying men are beautiful at the age 26.3 years of age and women are their most beautiful at 23.6 years of age.


France was a middle of pack scorer with men 30.2 years of age seen to be their most attractive, while women just under 30 at 29.9 years of age are most beautiful.


The land down under is another of the younger raters in our a survey, rating men of the age 27.7 as most beautiful. Interestingly, it was the only country to rate women most beautiful when older than men at 28.5 years of age.


Spain was almost bang on average when it rated men as most beautiful when aged 32.9 and women as most beautiful when aged 27.5 years.


And finally, Germany. A country that is renowned for its open and honest attitudes towards beauty and age. Germans rated men of the age 34.9 to be the most beautiful (yes, the highest in our survey, whereas women scored 31.8 years to be the most beautiful (and again, yes, the most beautiful).


2000 people aged 35 + from each of the eight countries (16,212 total respondents) were asked “At What Age Do You [Men/Women] Are the Most Beautiful?”. 

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