What's Your Number?

“Which city in the UK is having the most sex?”...”Which city is having the least?”... “Where are men having more sex than women?”... “And where are women having more sex men?”.

Not questions that will rise to mind very often, but intriguing shower questions that will get you thinking none the less.

To find out, we decided to survey 2000 people in each city in the UK asking them one question: “What’s Your Number?”.

From Inverness to Truro, let’s reveal Britain’s number in our latest study.

The Cities Where Women Are Having the Most Sex

So, where are women having the most sex in the UK? Well, topping the list of our city survey is Kingston-upon Hull, also known as just “Hull”, with women reporting on average 14.98 partners.

The party city Newcastle also featured highly in our survey with an average of 14.92 partners, while Stoke, Liverpool and Glasgow followed closely behind with 14.84, 14.76 and 14.75 respectively. 

The Cities Where Men Are Having the Most Sex

Now time for the men, where in the UK are they having the most sex? Well, to nobody’s surprise, the party city of the north, Newcastle topped the list with 14.89 partners.

In second place was Newcastle’s sister city Sunderland with 14.85 partners, closely followed by Bristol, Leeds and Portsmouth with 14.72, 14.62 and 14.45 partners. 

The Cities Where Women Are Having the Least Sex

Now for the flipside, where are women having the least sex? Well coming bottom of our leaderboard was Gloucester where women only report to have slept with an average of 8.05 partners.


Surprisingly, this was closely followed by Preston where the average was 8.08, Nottingham, third from bottom, with 8.23 and Lichfield and Inverness in fourth and fifth. 

The Cities Where Men Are Having the Least Sex

And how about men - where are they having the least sex? Well, interestingly, Coventry is the city that came bottom of our list, with men only reporting an average of 9.12 partners.

This was closely followed by Norwich, Stirling, Exeter and Chichester, who also scored particularly low with no more than 10 sexual partners. 

Where Are Women Having More Sex Than Women?

We were also able to compare the results of sexes to see the difference in reported sexual partners in individual cities. Some cities seem to report big discrepancies based on their sex. For example, as you can see in the table above, Chichester women are report nearly 5 additional sexual partners when compared to men.


Where Are Men Having More Sex Than Women

And when we did the reverse analysis (male to female), we were intrigued to find bigger discrepancies based on sex. For example, men in Sunderland, Portsmouth and Bristol report nearly 6 more sexual partners than their female counterparts.

Interestingly, men report on average 2.17 sexual partners than women.




This study was conducted by asking 2000 people in each city in the UK: "How many sexual partners have you had in your life?". The results are an average for each city. Download the full results of the survey here.

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