Ironing Water
Ironing Water
Ironing Water
Crease Lightning

Ironing Water

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✨PARABEN AND PERFURM FREE - Added parabens and perfurms will contaminate the water and will slowly break your iron

✨CLASSIC IRONS, STEAM GENERATOR IRONS AND STEAM MOPS - Ideal for using with classic irons, steam generator irons and steam mops

TDS 000PPM - 100% free from contaminants and trace minerals. Tested to ensure TDS 000 ppm

EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR IRON - Creased Lightning is simply 100% pure distilled water. This ensures no contaminants are added your iron system, protecting the integrity of your iron's components

SMALLER BOTTLES SAVE YOU MONEY - By delivery in one litre units you can store this water for up to 1 year and be guaranteed 100% pure distilled ironing water

This certified pure distilled water is procured using an evaporation and condensation process. The water is heated to boiling, turning the water into steam. We then leave the steam to cool, condensing back to water. This process ensures all impurities, including bacteria, organic contaminants and viruses, are completely removed.

Once the distillation process is complete, the water is tested by our in-house laboratory team to Medical, Food, Plant, Cleaning and Cosmetic grade standards. Testing ensures the water is 100% free from contaminants and trace minerals. This testing process guarantees that Crease Lightning distilled water is produced to the highest level of purity.

After testing and certification, the water is then bottled in certified PET bottles or drums. This ensures the water remains free from BPA or other plastic contaminants. Sourced, distilled, tested, packaged and delivered in the UK.