Ferric Chloride 40% Solution
Ferric Chloride 40% Solution
Ferric Chloride 40% Solution
Ferric Chloride 40% Solution
Ferric Chloride 40% Solution

Ferric Chloride 40% Solution

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  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH - High-quality 40% ferric chloride supplied in an HDPE bottle
  • PREMIUM FORMULA - The molecular formula for this ferric chloride solution is FeCl3 or iron iii chloride. Premium quality product, no additives or stabilizers.
  • VARIETY OF USES - The most common use of this product is for etching copper, brass, bronze, Damascus steel, or stainless steel. However, it can also be used for PCB fabrication, jewelry making, and a variety of other uses
  • QUALITY PACKAGING - This product is delivered in a sealed HDPE bottle and GripSeal bag to prevent any leaks
  • PRODUCED IN THE UK - Our Ferric Chloride is produced and bottled in non-toxic, chemical-resistant bottles in the UK. Quality you can trust at a price you will love.

Ferric Chloride Datasheet
MSDS Ferric Chloride 

How can I use your Ferric Chloride?

Ferric chloride, also known as iron chloride, is a chemical compound that has many uses in various industries.

Etching Solution for Copper, Brass or Steel

This ferric chloride solution is suitable for etching on a whole variety of metals. This includes Copper, Brass, Bronze, Damascus Steel or Stainless Steel.

Etching Stone

Ferric Chloride is also suitable for etching stone when creating jewellery, art or even things like decorative road signs.

PCB Fabrication

Our premium quality Ferric Chloride is suitable for use as an etchant in the production printed circuit boards.

Metal Finishing

Alongside the above, you can also use this product as a finishing agent for metals such copper, brass and aluminium.

Pigment production

For those who like to produce the most beautiful colours for their jewellery, yu’ll be glad to know that this Ferric chloride can be used to produce pigments such as prussian blue and ocher.

Water purification and Sewage Treatment

You can also use this Ferric chloride as a coagulant in water treatment plants to remove impurities and suspended solids from water. If you need industrial quantities, please enquire with our customer service team.


This product can also be used as a reagent in the production of pharmaceuticals, such as iron supplements. If you need industrial quantities, please enquire with our customer service team. 

Can I dilute your Ferric Chloride to my required solution?

Yes, you can dilute this Ferric Chloride to your desired solution. However, it is important to always ensure you follow proper safety measures when handling the chemical as it is corrosive. Here’s how you can dilute Ferric Chloride:

  1. Choose a Suitable Container

    Only select a container that is made of glass or plastic, preferably HDPE. Do not use a metal container as this can cause the substance to react and will corrode your container.

  2. Prepare the Area

    Do not dilute Ferric Chloride in a kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you are likely to come into contact with metal. Any accidental spills onto metal surfaces such as a kitchen sink will corrode the surface. It’s best to choose a wooden or hard plastic surface to work on.

  3. Add Water

    Now you can add your desired amount of water. If you want to take our 40% ferric chloride solution to 20% solution then you want to use one part water to one part ferric chloride. For example, add 500ml of water and then followed with 500ml of 40% ferric chloride to make 1 litre of 20% Ferric Chloride.

    It is recommended to use distilled water to ensure purity of the Ferric Chloride.

  4. Add Ferric Chloride

    Slowly pour the required ferric chloride into the water while stirring constantly. Do not pour water into the ferric chloride, as this can cause splashing and release of fumes.

  5. Continue stirring

    Keep stirring the mixture until the ferric chloride is completely dissolved.

  6. Label and Store

    Now that you have you the required solution, ensure you label the container with the contents and store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and children.

How to store Ferric Chloride?

It is important to note that ferric chloride is a corrosive substance and should be handled with care. Proper safety measures, such as wearing gloves and goggles, should be taken when using ferric chloride.

To keep the solution stable, please store in a sealed bottle, in a dark place and well away from children. 

How do I dispose of your Ferric Chloride after use?

Ferric chloride is a hazardous chemical that requires careful disposal. Here are the steps to follow when disposing of our ferric chloride:

Note: Please always check with your Local Council before disposing of ferric chloride. They may have specific regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous substances and may be able to dispose of it for you at a hazardous waste disposal point in your area.

  1. Neutralise the solution 

    Dilute the ferric chloride solution with water to reduce its concentration. You should then add either sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide to adjust the PH to around 7.

    To do this, simply spoon sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide carefully onto the mixture until it stops reacting. Do this one teaspoon at a time to avoid spillages.

    Once the solution has stopped reacting (this could take minutes or hours depending on your concentration), use a PH testing paper to confirm the PH lands between 7 and 8. 

  2. Transfer to a suitable container

    Once the solution has been neutralised, transfer it to a suitable container, such as a glass container or HDPE plastic container with a secure lid. 

  3. Label the container

    Clearly label the container with the contents, date, and any other relevant information that may be useful for anyone who may handle the solution in the future.

  4. Dispose of the Solution

    Again, before dropping it in the bin, please contact your local council to ensure you are allowed to do so. Most councils have a hazardous waste point or may be able to arrange a pick-up.

    Do not pour the ferric chloride down the drain.

Note: Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves and safety goggles, when handling ferric chloride.

Is your Ferric Chloride made here in the UK?

Yes, all of our products are sourced and made right here in the UK, unlike some of our competitors who like to ship their products in from Turkey and other countries. Please help us support British jobs and manufacturing.

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