What is Ironing Water?

If you live in an area with hard water (which is most of the UK), you may have been recommended ironing water when operating appliances such as irons, steam irons and steam mops. But if you’re new to ironing water, you may not know what it is and, ultimately, how it can actually benefit your appliances.

In this guide, we’ll explain what ironing water is and discuss the many benefits of using it at home. 

What is Ironing Water?

Ironing water is a type of water that is 100% free from minerals and bacteria. It may also contain a range of parabens and perfumes which aim to improve the scent of the water. Generally speaking, ironing water is just another name for distilled water with added perfume. 

What are the benefits of Ironing Water?

There are many benefits to using ironing water in your irons, steam irons and steam mops. These include:

Not Breathing in Harmful Bacteria or Viruses

A key issue that isn’t often considered when using an iron with tap water is the potential for breathing in harmful bacteria produced during the steaming process. If the water is contaminated then you could end up breathing this in. This is a particularly bad issue in areas where you may use non-potable water.

No Limescale Build Up in Your Appliances

Tap water, and even the bottled water you buy from the supermarket, will contain excess amounts of contaminants such as magnesium and calcium. While these minerals are perfectly healthy to consume, they can start to build up in your appliances (just take a look at the bottom of your kettle, if you need evidence!).

When these minerals start to build up, they can damage the inner components leading to performance issues, costly repairs or even needing to replace the appliance all together.

Keeps Your Energy Bills Down

Believe it or not, using ironing water in your appliances can actually help reduce your energy bills. When limescale starts to build up in an appliance such as an iron, more energy is required to get the required performance. If you’re using an iron or steam mop daily, this can increase your energy bills by a significant margin.This is particularly true if you work in a business such as a care home that will use these appliances daily. 


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