Every Country’s Favourite Make Up Brand

Hey there make up lovers! Are you tired of using the same old products and want to spice up your make up collection? Look no further! We've compiled a list of every country's favourite makeup brand, from the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. This list will give you the low-down on which brands are killing it in the beauty game around the world. So, grab your favourite lipstick and let's dive into the world of international make up trends.

Methodology: This data was acquired by analysing search trends for all major beauty and make up brands. The data is current as of March 2023 and analysed the search trends from the previous year February 2022 to February 2023. 

every country's favourite make up brand

The Most Popular Beauty Brands

The most popular of all make up brands was the cult brand For Ever. This brand dominated our results with 57 countries seeing it as their most searched. No other brands even came close.

- For Ever Make Up - 57 Countries
- Revolution Make Up - 14 Countries
- Mac Make Up/Dior Make Up - 9 Countries

The Brands That Missed the Cut

Of course, there was always going to be losers. We were only looking for the brands who topped their search and several brands came close, but never managed to outright dominate any country in particular. These brands include:

- L’Oreal
- Charlotte Tilbury
- Armani

It should be said that just because they never seemed to be the top brand, doesn’t mean that these were brands weren’t always in and around the top spot, while not quite being the most popular. Charlotte Tilbury for example was very popular in the UK, but just didn’t quite beat Mac.

Popular New Comers

Several brands that were only launched over the last 10 years have managed to find their niche. Brands such as Fenty (2017) and Revolution (2014) were making ground is a wide variety of countries around the world. These include:


- Chad
- Guyana
- Kenya
- Nigeria
- Tanzania
- Sri Lanka
- Haiti


- Maurititus
- Bolivia
- Venezuela
- Malta
- Moldova
- Montenegro
- Poland
- Russia
- Peru
- Cambodia
- India
- Nicaragua 
- Beligum

- Columbia

The Full Data

As this is quite a big dataset, we’ve split all countries into their relevant continent below. You can view your country and the different brands selected using the interactive tables. You can also download each continent's dataset from the tables below. If you have any questions about the data, please contact sales@nordchem.co.uk for further information.

North America Favourite Make Up Brands

North America, home to many of the powerhouse beauty brands. But which of major beauty houses top our list? Well suprisingly it was Mac Make Up which dominates searches in the United States with Canada's favourite being the famed For Ever make up. 

Central America's Favourite Make Up Brands

Central America, a diverse melting pot of various cultures and ethnities. As such, it's no surprise to see such divergness in beauty brand choices across the continent. For Costa Rica, the favourite beauty brand is James Charles. Another stand out is El Salvador, where the top make up brand is Dior. And finally, Haiti, a country is turmoil, the favourite brand is Fenty. 

Africa's Favourite Make Up Brands

Africa is the second largest continent on earth and is made up of 52 independent countries with a highly diverse set of cultures and ethnicities. As such, you would expect the make up brands they choose to be diverse too. Surprisingly though, For Ever Make Up dominated our Africa study, being the top make up brand for 13 countries with the Fenty being the second most popular brand. 

Europe's Favourite Make Up Brands

Europe is another home for many of the world's most popular make up brands. Power house brands such as Dior, Mac and Atelier all have their headquarters based in Europe. For the UK, Mac Make Up was their favourite brand just as it was in the United States. For Ever make up was also very popular again in our with five countries seeing this as their most popular make up brand. 

Middle East's Favourite Make Up Brands

The Middle East provided us with a surprising set of results with For Ever make up being firmly the top brand of the majority of these countries. Out of the 14 countries in the continent 12 of them saw the highest searches for For Ever, with only Afghanistan and Pakistan favouring alternative brands. 

Asia's Favourite Make Up Brands

Asia's favourites were very diverse with over 8 different brands toping the list for different countries. The stand out was, of course, For Ever which with its cult following dominated 10 of the countries in our list. The second most popular was Dior which topped the list of three countires, including Thailand and the Phillippines.

Oceania's Favourite Make Up Brands

Oceania has a very diverse set of make up choices. For example, Australia's favoruite was James Charles while Mekka make up topped the list for New Zealand. Another surprise was in Micronesia where Avon a traditional British make up brand topped the list (maybe expats missing home?) and Figi where Lotus make up topped the make up favourites. 

South America's Favourite Make Up Brands

Finally, South America, a continent that is famed for it's beauty. For Brazil, it was always going to be For Ever where it has a large following. Argentina was a surprise with Idi make up as their favourite. And finally Uruguay where the new brand Bobbi Brown tops the list. Very diverse continent of make up choices. 

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