Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%

Hydrogen Peroxide 6%

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    • 6% SOLUTION - Our hydrogen peroxide 6% solution is made with only the highest quality hydrogen peroxide 35% and diluted to 6% using only the highest quality 100% pure distilled water. Only the purest grade product for Pure&More customers.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY PEROXIDE - This is premium quality hydrogen peroxide so it is suitable for personal care uses 
    • VARIETY OF USES - Suitable for personal care, general home use such as general disinfectant or removing mould, or commercial projects such as cleaning swimming pools
    • NO ADDITIVES - With Pure&More hydrogen peroxide you can rest assured that no preservatives or additives are added to your product. Only the purest quality product for our customers.
    • PRODUCED IN THE UK - Our hydrogen peroxide is produced and bottled in non-toxic, chemical-resistant bottles in the UK. Quality you can trust at a price you will love.

    How Do You Make Your 6% Hydrogen Peroxide?

    This hydrogen peroxide 6% is made with unstabilised hydrogen peroxide 35% and diluted to 6% using 100% pure distilled water. There are no additives added to this product, ensuring customers only receive the finest quality hydrogen peroxide 6%.

    How Can I Use Your Hydrogen Peroxide 6%?

    There are a wide variety of uses for 6% hydrogen peroxide. These include sanitising surfaces, removing mould, treating stubborn stains, as a hair dye, and a teeth whitener, among a variety of other applications.

    If you have any questions about how you can use our product, feel free to message us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    6 Hydrogen Peroxide for Hair-Dye

    6% Hydrogen Peroxide is a common substance used to dye hair. This will often be the key ingredient in many of the store-purchased hair dyes and will often be used to strip out the old colour in hair before dying it your chosen colour.

    Hydrogen Peroxide 6% as an Anti-Septic for Skin

    A key use for hydrogen peroxide 6% is in medical settings when the skin requires disinfecting with an anti-septic. The product often chosen for this job is 6% hydrogen peroxide as this will ensure all bacteria and viruses are eliminated from a wound. In a similar vein, it can also be used to treat things like fungal infections or even age spots.

    6% Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning Surfaces

    A popular use for Hydrogen Peroxide 6% is in the home or workplace as a general disinfectant. Hydrogen Peroxide is non-toxic, making it the perfect alternative to products such as bleach when you need to ensure all bacteria and viruses are eliminated. Always use gloves when using Hydrogen Peroxide 6% for cleaning surfaces.

    Hydrogen Peroxide 6 for Removing Stains

    Another great use for Hydrogen Peroxide 6% is removing stains. The peroxide is a natural bleach that will work down into the fibres of a carpet or piece of clothing and oxidise the bacteria causing the stain. It can also be added to your washing machine to whiten shirts and general laundry.

    6% Hydrogen Peroxide for Mould Removal

    If your home has a mould problem and you suffer from mycotoxin exposure, then a great solution is 6% hydrogen peroxide. Not only will it clean up the mould, but it will help you eradicate all the resistant spores which can hang around only to grow again. Always use gloves when using 6% Hydrogen Peroxide for mould removal.

    Hydrogen Peroxide 6 as a Plant Treatment or Fertiliser

    A popular use for 6% hydrogen peroxide is in plant care and gardening as an alternative for killing pests, diseases and fungi. It can also be used as a fertiliser to oxidise the soil and promote plant growth.

    Can I Dilute Your Hydrogen Peroxide 6?

    Yes, of course. Our Hydrogen Peroxide is suitable for diluting in a variety of cases, including making your own teeth whitener, anti-septic treatment, hair dye, mouthwash and cleaning spray.

    Please ensure you only dilute using bacteria and mineral-free distilled water as tap or bottled water may cause the product to oxidise and reduce effectiveness. Always use gloves when diluting Hydrogen Peroxide 12%.

    Is your Hydrogen Peroxide 6% made here in the UK?

    Yes, all of our products are sourced and made right here in the UK, unlike some of our competitors who like to ship their product in from Turkey and other countries. Please help us support British jobs and manufacturing.

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