Hydrogen Peroxide 12%
Hydrogen Peroxide 12%
Hydrogen Peroxide 12%
Hydrogen Peroxide 12%
Hydrogen Peroxide 12%

Hydrogen Peroxide 12%

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    • 12% SOLUTION - Our hydrogen peroxide 12% solution is made with only the highest quality hydrogen peroxide 35% and diluted to 12% using only the highest quality 100% pure distilled water. Only the purest grade product for Pure&More customers.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY PEROXIDE - This is premium quality hydrogen peroxide so it suitable for personal care uses 
    • VARIETY OF USES - Suitable for personal care, general home use such as general disinfectant or removing mould, or commercial projects such as cleaning swimming pools
    • NO ADDITIVES - With Pure&More hydrogen peroxide you can rest assured that no preservatives or additives are added to your product. Only the purest quality product for our customers.
    • PRODUCED IN THE UK - Our hydrogen peroxide is produced and bottled in non-toxic, chemical-resistant bottles in the UK. Quality you can trust at a price you will love.

    How Do You Make Your 12% Hydrogen Peroxide?

    Our 12% hydrogen peroxide is made with only the highest quality, unstabilised hydrogen peroxide 35% and diluted to 12% using only the highest quality pure distilled water. No additives are added to this product and each batch is made daily to ensure our customers only receive the highest quality hydrogen peroxide.

    How Can I Use Your Hydrogen Peroxide 12%?

    The most common uses for our 12% hydrogen peroxide include a safe alternative to bleach when sanitising surfaces, permanently removing mould spores around the home, and removing stubborn stains from clothes and carpets. This product is suitable for dilution to your desired strength solution.

    If you have any questions about how you can use our product, feel free to message us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Sanitising Surfaces and Food Prep Utensils

    The most common use for 12% Hydrogen Peroxide is sanitising food prep areas and utensils. Hydrogen Peroxide 12% is a safe, alternative to bleach and will ensure all bacteria and viruses are eliminated from all types of surfaces. Always use gloves when using 12% Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning.

    Removing Mould Spores from Clothes and Around the Home

    Mould spores can be very harmful to people with sensitivities to mycotoxins. Prolonged exposure can often make life unbearable for people with mould growing around the home. As such, you need a substance that will not only clean the area but also permanently remove all of the mould spores. Fortunately, 12% Hydrogen Peroxide is ideal for killing off mould spores permanently. Always use gloves when using 12% Hydrogen Peroxide for mould removal.

    Removing Stains from Carpets and Clothes

    Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that can be used to whiten laundry and remove stains. Its ability to oxidize and break down stains, as well as its disinfectant properties, make it a popular choice for laundry whitening and stain removal. 12% Hydrogen Peroxide is a popular choice for our customers when they have a stubborn stain that simply won’t come out. Always use gloves when using 12% Hydrogen Peroxide for stain removal.

    Plant Fertiliser and Gardening

    12% Hydrogen peroxide is sometimes used in plant care and gardening as a natural alternative for controlling pests and diseases and promoting plant growth. Its ability to disinfect and oxygenate the soil makes it a popular choice among gardeners.

    Can I Dilute Your Hydrogen Peroxide 12?

    Yes, of course. Diluting to a desired solution is the most popular and cost-effective reason for buying our 12% hydrogen peroxide. Dilute 12% Hydrogen Peroxide with 1 part water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide for 6% solution. Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide 12% with 3 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide for 3% solution. Ideal for making your own anti-septic, teeth whitener or hair-dye

    Please ensure you only dilute using bacteria and mineral-free distilled water as tap or bottled water may cause the product to oxidise and reduce effectiveness. Always use gloves when diluting Hydrogen Peroxide 12%.

    Is your Hydrogen Peroxide 12% made here in the UK?

    Yes, all of our products are sourced and made right here in the UK, unlike some of our competitors who like to ship their product in from Turkey and other countries. Please help us support British jobs and manufacturing.

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